Питомник мейн-кунов CoolShade (SantaCoon)

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WCF Master World Premior Poker CoolShade
White maine-coon WCF Master World Premior Poker CoolShade

We are located in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and our offspring live far beyond its borders.
The cattery CoolShade has a registration in the international felinological organization WCF (reg.№ 10936-2016) and TICA (reg.№ 37098).
The name “SantaCoon” was originally registered in Belorussian Felinological Center “Felita”, registration number 997.

Currently we are the members of the club “Union Cats.” (Minsk).
Our cattery is monobreed and specializes exclusively in Maine Coon breed.

Our cattery is monobreed and specializes exclusively in Maine Coon breed.

We love Maine Coons because they are highly people-oriented, but are not overly dependent. Most Maine Coon cats always stay close by, occupying the place next to their owner.
Maine Coon cats make excellent companions for their families, and enjoy children.
They are sociable with other family pets, including other cats and they get along especially well with dogs.
Our cats are part of the family and live with us. So, we can give them all the love and attention they need. They live underfoot with us and always may run from room to room. We believe our cats add love and beauty to our home, and we can’t imagine life without them!

Our Maine-coon's results of rating "Best Cat" in 2017
Our Maine-coon’s results of rating “Best Cat” in 2017

The goal of our cattery is:

  • to breed healthy;
  • harmonious;
  • well-socialized;
  • intellectual Maine Coon cats;
  • of a best possible type.

Our Cattery is small, and we carefully select our females and males.
We plan rare litters and don’t plan many cats in our cattery.

I hope, you enjoy a tour of our site and come back soon to see our new photos!

Best Regards,
Romanova Elena