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Tha latest news of our cattery.

National Final Top Cat of Belarus-2018


On July 6-7, 2019, the Felita club’s Cat Show “The National Final of Top Cat of Belarus” took place in Minsk. There was the ceremony of awarding the finalists of the Top Cat rating for 2018 in the “Belarus” region. Our Maine Coons won in the following categories of ratings: WCF Master World Premior POKER …

Another World Champion!

Qamilasha Santa CoolShade at the age of 1 year

According to the results of the World Cat Show, which took place in Riga on June 8-9, 2019, organized by the club LFA “FELIMURS”, Qamilasha Santa CoolShade received the 3rd CACM rating and closed the title of “World Champion”! Qamilasha Santa CoolShade is the third World Champion of our cattery, and the second World Champion, …

Justina’s birthday

W.CH.Justina Gonsior Line- years old

May 27, 2019 Magnificent Justina, the founder of the line of our cattery, is 4 years old! Justina is the founder of the line of our cattery. She became the first Maine Coon of our cattery, received the title of “World Champion”. Her photo is posted on the main site of the international organization WCF …